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ASANO Tomoyuki

FacultyFaculty Division of Human Life and Environmental Sciences Research Group of Sport and Health Sciences
PositionAssistant Professor
Last Updated :2023/05/03


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  • Ph. D. ( Health and Sport Sciences ), University of Tsukuba, Mar. 2017

Research Interests

  • 臨床スポーツ心理学
  • 質的研究
  • スポーツ心理学
  • 個性化
  • パフォーマンス向上
  • 動きのコツ
  • アスリート

Research Areas

  • Life sciences, Sports science

Research Experience

  • Apr. 2022, 9999, Nara Women's University, Faculty Division of Human Life and Environmental Sciences, 助教
  • Apr. 2020, Mar. 2022, JAPAN SPORT COUNCIL, ハイパフォーマンススポーツセンター/国立スポーツ科学センター, 契約研究員


  • Apr. 2012, Mar. 2017, University of Tsukuba, 人間総合科学研究科, 体育科学専攻
  • Apr. 2010, Mar. 2012, University of Tsukuba, 人間総合科学研究科, 体育学専攻
  • Apr. 2006, Mar. 2010, University of Tsukuba, School of Health and Physical Education

Teaching Experience

  • Practice in Team Sport, Nara Women's University
  • Practice in Season Sport, Nara Women's University
  • Practice in Season Sport, Nara Women's University
  • Sport Psychology, Nara Women's University
  • Exercise in Health Behavior Change, Nara Women's University
  • Physical Exercise for Health Ⅰ・Ⅱ, Nara Women's University

Association Memberships



Published Papers

  • Refereed, 筑波大学, アスリートのコツ獲得過程に伴う個性化に関する研究, 浅野友之, Mar. 2017, Doctoral thesis
  • Refereed, 臨床心理身体運動学研究 = Japanese journal of clinical studies for mind & body, 日本臨床心理身体運動学会, The individuation process involved in acquiring the secrets of Noh : a biographical analysis of Zeami Motokiyo, 浅野 友之; 中込 四郎, 2017, 19, 1, 35, 49, Scientific journal
  • Refereed, Japanese Journal of Sport Psychology, 日本スポーツ心理学会, Developing a Model of the Kotsu Acquisition Process in Athletes, Asano Tomoyuki; Nakagomi Shiro, In this study, <i>kotsu</i> (knack) is defined as a physical movement's main aspect, subjectively judged by an athlete, enabling him or her to perform the movement. This study aimed to develop a model of external and internal changes in athletes during the process of their acquisition of <i>kotsu</i> for their sport, and to investigate the characteristics of psychological changes that occurred during the acquisition of <i>kotsu</i>. In phase I, to develop a model of the <i>kotsu</i> acquisition process, the cases of 20 top athletes from a previous study on <i>kotsu</i> acquisition were analyzed using the Modified Grounded Theory Approach. Results demonstrated the presence of external changes such as "a motive to acquire <i>kotsu</i>," "training to acquire <i>kotsu</i>," and "changes in performance," and also internal changes such as "desire for change," "clear ideals," and "psychological changes." In phase II, interviews were conducted with 3 athletes, retired and active, who had acquired <i>kotsu</i> in the past, and the characteristics of psychological changes accompanying acquisition were examined to further refine the model developed in phase I. Results indicated that there was an association between external and internal changes at each stage of the <i>kotsu</i> acquisition process. Moreover, when athletes acquired <i>kotsu</i>, they underwent psychological changes such as "cultivation of autonomy," "self-actualization in competitive environments," and "building a foundation for future challenges after <i>kotsu</i> acquisition." Thus, the findings of this study have clarified the process of athletes acquiring <i>kotsu</i> in their sport and also demonstrated the presence of psychological changes accompanying the acquisition of <i>kotsu</i>. The experience of acquiring <i>kotsu</i> also appears to be important for athletes' personality development., 2014, 41, 1, 35, 50, Scientific journal
  • Refereed, Mar. 2017
  • Refereed, Mar. 2017


  • Journal of High Performance Sport, Functions of the support base outside of the athlete’s village, Naoyuki Tamura; Saeko Takahashi; Yasushi Hotta; Junpei Sasadai; Masuyo Oishi; Jun Yasuda; Akiko Kamei; Keiko Motonag; Eri Takai; Yasuhisa Tachiya; Kaori Eda; Kisho Jipp; Tomoyuki Asano; Chisato Kuribayashi; Takuya Endo; Hanae Yachi; Shigeo Abe; Daichi Yamashi; Kohei Nakaji, 2022, 9, 0, 24, 39
  • Not Refereed, Journal of High Performance Sport, Effectiveness of psychological support practice specific to countermeasures for athletes competing in the home country games, Tomoyuki Asano, 2022, 9, 0, 118, 124, Introduction scientific journal


  • 千葉陽子; 栗林千聡; 浅野友之; 立谷泰久, 日本スポーツ心理学会第48回大会, SMT指導士におけるアスリートの心理サポートに関する『現状』と『課題』, Public symposium, 28 Nov. 2021
  • 阿部成雄; 榎本恭介; 實宝希祥; 江田香織; 浅野友之; 栗林千聡; 遠藤拓哉; 谷内花恵; 立谷泰久, 日本スポーツ心理学会第48回大会, 東京五輪代表・代表候補選手の大会前の心配事および相談状況の実態調査, Poster presentation, 27 Nov. 2021
  • 實宝希祥; 榎本恭介; 阿部成雄; 浅野友之; 栗林千聡; 江田香織; 遠藤拓哉; 谷内花恵; 立谷泰久, 日本スポーツ心理学会第48回大会, 東京2020(+1)大会代表候補選手の心理的競技能力ー延期決定前後の比較ー, Poster presentation, 27 Nov. 2021
  • 鈴木佳奈実; 立谷泰久; 江田香織; 浅野友之; 土肥美智子; 先﨑陽子; 川口澄; 小嶋日絵, 第31回日本臨床スポーツ医学会学術集会, COVID-19蔓延に伴う、トップアスリートが直面した心理的諸問題について, Oral presentation, Nov. 2020, Online
  • 浅野友之, 日本臨床心理身体運動学会第22回大会, アスリートのコツ獲得獲得体験が競技引退後のキャリアにおける取り組みに及ぼす影響, Oral presentation, Dec. 2019, False
  • 福井邦宗; 浅野友之; 鈴木敦ほか, 日本スポーツ心理学会第45回大会, 第18回アジア競技大会出場選手の心理的特徴について—オリンピック対象競技および東京2020大会新規追加種目に着目して—, Poster presentation, Oct. 2018, False
  • 鈴木敦; 浅野友之; 福井邦宗ほか, 日本スポーツ心理学会第45回大会, トップアスリートの大会前の心配事と専門家への援助要請の実態調査—第18回アジア大会の派遣前の日本人アスリートのデータを用いて—, Poster presentation, Oct. 2018, False
  • 浅野友之, 第2回東海大学健康・スポーツ科学セミナー, 若手研究者から学ぶ〜「アスリートのコツ獲得過程に伴う個性化に関する研究」(博士論文)の紹介〜, Jul. 2017, False
  • 浅野友之; 中込四郎, 日本スポーツ心理学会第42回大会, 「能の極意」獲得過程に伴う個性化過程の検討—世阿弥の伝記分析を通して—, Nov. 2015, False
  • Nakagomi Shiro; Asano Tomoyuki, The 14th European Congress of Sport Psychology, A Reconsideration of the process of ‘Kotsu’ acquisition in athletes based on Zen Buddhism’s ‘Ten Oxherding Pictures’, Jul. 2015, True
  • Asano Tomoyuki; Suzuki Atsushi; Nakagomi Shiro, Asian-South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology 7th Internatinal Congress, Features of experience acquiring kotsu in the athletic history of former elite athletes., Aug. 2014, True
  • 浅野友之; 中込四郎, 日本臨床心理身体運動学会第15回大会, アスリートのコツ獲得プロセスに伴う内的変容, Dec. 2012, False
  • 浅野友之; 中込四郎, 日本スポーツ心理学会第39回大会, アスリートのコツ獲得におけるプロセスモデルの作成, Nov. 2012, False


  • 筑波大学大学院人間総合科学研究科 体育科学専攻長賞, 筑波大学, 浅野友之, Mar. 2015
  • 平成26年度日本スポーツ心理学会 優秀論文奨励賞, 日本スポーツ心理学会, 浅野友之;中込四郎, Dec. 2014
  • Asian-South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology 7th Internatinal Congress Excellent Postar Award, Asian-South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology, 浅野友之;中込四郎, Aug. 2014

Research Projects

  • Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists, Apr. 2020, Mar. 2023, 20K19479, Principal investigator, 獲得時期の違いによるコツ獲得体験の役割とその特徴, 浅野 友之, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists, National Agency for the Advancement of Sports and Health, 2210000, 1700000, 510000

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