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MUTO Yasuhiro

FacultyFaculty Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Group of History,Sociology and Geography
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  • Doctor(Letter), The University of Tokyo
  • master of letters, Kokugakuin University,Graduate school

Research Interests

  • 伝統芸能 民族芸能 農耕儀礼 祭礼 食文化 儀礼食 民族考古学

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences, Archaeology
  • Humanities & social sciences, Cultural anthropology and folklore

Research Experience

  • Jan. 1999, associate professor, faculty of letters
  • Apr. 1998, Dec. 1998, research associate, graduate school of humanities and sociology
  • Jul. 1987, Mar. 1998, research associate, faculty of letters


  • 1985, Kokugakuin University,Graduate School, Division of History and Anthropology, 考古学
  • 1983, Kokugakuin University, Faculty of Literature, 考古学

Teaching Experience

  • Intoroduction to Cultural Anthropology B, Nara Women's University

Association Memberships

  • The Japanese Archaeological Association
  • 日本民俗学会
  • Japanese Society of Culutral Anthropology


Published Papers

  • Not Refereed, 季刊考古学 別冊, 東北晩期の円形大型住居と社会組織, 武藤 康弘, Mar. 2018, 25, 77, 83, In book
  • Not Refereed, 近畿文化, 奈良市阪原町 長尾神社の秋祭り, 武藤 康弘, Oct. 2017, 815, 5, 8, Scientific journal
  • Not Refereed, 縄文時代の食と住まい, 民族事例からみる多様な住居の様相―平地式住居の実態―, 武藤 康弘, Mar. 2016, 27, 49
  • Not Refereed, 近畿文化, 稲渕と栢森の綱掛行事, 武藤 康弘, Jan. 2015, 782, 5, 7, Scientific journal
  • Not Refereed, 縄文時代の考古学, 縄文時代の大型住居, 武藤 康弘, May 2014, 352, 379, In book
  • Not Refereed, 近畿文化, 大和神社のちゃんちゃん祭, 武藤 康弘, Apr. 2014, 773, 1, 3, Scientific journal
  • Refereed, JOURNAL OF THE HOUSING RESEARCH FOUNDATION "JUSOKEN", Housing Research Foundation "JUSOKEN", Inventory of yurt(ger) in East Ujimqin Banner in the inner Mongoliaautonomous region of China, Nakayama Toru; Muto Yasuhiro; Yamamoto Naohiko; ふ りれしゃ; Ba genna, In this study, a inventory of the yurts in East Ujimgin Banner of Inner Mongolia that are disappearing as nomads have begun to settle was conducted. In the region surveyed, while the number of yurts for daily living has decreased, there is a certain demand for yurts for long periods of while herds graze and for the winter season due to diversification of the cattle feed business. Further, it was confirmed that transition to large scale floor planning with multifunction dwellings is occurring as baisin, a kind of fixed house that was introduced in the late 1980's, have spread rapidly from the late 1990's to the 2000's. However, it is still necessary to review the introduction of housing that is appropriate for the grazing cycle, the number of people who use such structures, and the seasons during which they are used., 2010, 36, 0, 59, 69, In book
  • Not Refereed, 近畿文化, 奈良市大柳生町の太鼓踊り, 武藤 康弘, Oct. 2020, 851, 4, 7, Scientific journal
  • SHIGAKU ZASSHI, The Historical Society of Japan, Japan : Archaeology 2(Historical Studies in Japan, 1996), MUTO Yasuhiro, 1997, 106, 5, 677, 682
  • SHIGAKU ZASSHI, The Historical Society of Japan, Japan : Archaeology (Historical Studies in Japan, 1993), MUTO Yasuhiro, 1994, 103, 5, 662, 667


  • 0月 2020, 851, 4, 7
  • Not Refereed, 秋田県埋蔵文化財センター研究紀要, 縄文時代 秋田の住まいと暮らし, MUTO Yasuhiro, Mar. 2017, 31
  • Not Refereed, 近畿文化, 奈良市西九条町 倭文神社の蛇祭り, MUTO Yasuhiro, Oct. 2016, 803, 5-8
  • Not Refereed, 奈良女子大学文学部研究教育年報, 1930年代から40年代に日本人が記録したモンゴル民族誌の悉皆調査, MUTO Yasuhiro, Dec. 2011, 8, 85-93
  • Not Refereed, Annual Report on Research and Education Faculty of Letters,Nara Women's University, A Visual Anthrolopological study for the Movie Archives of Traditional Rituals in Nara District, MUTO Yasuhiro, Mar. 2009, 6, 59-64
  • Not Refereed, SQUARE, 奈良の生活文化と祭り, MUTO Yasuhiro, Dec. 2008, 152, 2-5
  • Not Refereed, Annual Report on the Research and Education Faculty of Letters, Nara Women's University, A Study on the Transvestism in Rice-Growing Rituals, MUTO Yasuhiro, Dec. 2007, 4, 97-103
  • Not Refereed, Annual report on research and education, Faculty of Letters,Nara Women's University, A Study on the conservation of traditional rituals in Nara, MUTO Yasuhiro, Mar. 2007, 3, 39-45
  • Not Refereed, 万葉古代学研究所年報, 大和における御田植祭の系譜, MUTO Yasuhiro, Mar. 2006, 4, 89-101
  • Not Refereed, 『日本の考古学(上)』 学生社, 縄文時代の住居と集落, MUTO Yasuhiro, Dec. 2005, 134-141
  • Not Refereed, 奈良女子大学人間文化研究科年報, トチノミの非加熱アクヌキ法の分布と起源, MUTO Yasuhiro, Mar. 2004, 19, 23-34
  • Not Refereed, Annual Report of Studies in Humanities and Social Science,\nNara Women's University, Nara Women's University, An Ethnological Study on the Technology of Removing "Aku"\n(Tannic acid,Saponin and Others) in Horse-Chestnuts., MUTO Yasuhiro, Dec. 2002, 46, 19-39, 40
  • Not Refereed, The space and structure of the pit-dwellings, Houses and villages of the native north America, MUTO Yasuhiro, 科学研究費補助金研究報告書, 2001, 88-93
  • Not Refereed, Archaeologia Japonica, Archaeological studies of the Jomon period, MUTO Yasuhiro, 2001, 52, 21-27
  • Not Refereed, Quarterly of Archaeological Studies, Jomon : Hunter-gatherers with social ranking, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1999, 45, 4, 24-25
  • Not Refereed, 『遺跡・遺物から何を読みとるか(Ⅲ)-住まいと住まい方―』\n(帝京大学山梨文化財研究所), The Jomon pit-dwellings were stable structure or not?, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1999, 19-29
  • Not Refereed, Archaeology Quarterly Yuzankaku Pub.Co., The distribution area of the ring like village, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1999, 69, 40-44
  • Not Refereed, The new direction of the Jomon village studies 2, The life span of the pit-dwellings, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1998, 18-23
  • Not Refereed, Shigaku-Zasshi, Historical Studies in Japan, 1995 Japan, Archacology 2, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1997, 106, 5, 15-20
  • Not Refereed, Bulletin of the Yamanashi Research Institute of Cultural Properties, Teikyo University, An Ethnoarchaeological study of the Pit-dwellings in the Jomon Period., MUTO Yasuhiro, 1995, 6, 267-301
  • Not Refereed, Archaeology Quarterly, Isiba-ritual site of Edo Period, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1995, 53, 12
  • Not Refereed, Shigaku-Zasshi, Historical studies in Japan, 1993 Japan Archaeology 2, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1994, 103, 5, 16-21
  • Not Refereed, Archaeology Quarterly Y(]J1173[)zankaku Pub. Co., Floor area of pit-dwellings, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1993, 44, 23-27
  • Not Refereed, Journal of the Archaeological Society of Nippon, Chronological Study of Early-Middle Jomon Pottery from Northern Tohoku Region II-Potteries before Ent(]J1155[) Lower Stratum "a" type, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1991, 76, 3
  • Not Refereed, Journal of the Archaeological Society of Nippon, 学術雑誌目次速報データベース由来, Chronological Study of Early-Middle Jomon Pottery from Northern Tohoku Region-Omotedate and Waseda VI type-, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1988, 74, 2, 29-51, 51
  • Not Refereed, Collected papers of the 1988 informatics symposium, Some problems and a process of experimental preparation for data on archaeological sites, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1988, 109-118
  • Not Refereed, Bulltin of the national museum of Japanese history, Experimental studies on the preparation for archaeological data, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1988, 16, 157-179
  • ホンダキッズ(WEB PAGE), なぜ一万年も平和が続いた?今注目される縄文時代のナゾ, 武藤 康弘, Oct. 2020, Others

Books etc

  • 知られざる縄文ライフ, 誠文堂新光社, MUTO Yasuhiro, 監修, Mar. 2017, Not Refereed
  • 土偶のリアル, 山川出版社, MUTO Yasuhiro, 監修, Feb. 2017, Not Refereed
  • 縄文時代の食と住まい, 同成社, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Mar. 2016, 27-49, Not Refereed
  • 奈良市の昭和, 樹林舎, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Aug. 2015, Not Refereed
  • 土偶手帖, 世界文化社, MUTO Yasuhiro, 監修, Jul. 2015, Not Refereed
  • はじめての土偶, 世界文化社, MUTO Yasuhiro, 監修, Aug. 2014, Not Refereed
  • 『講座 日本の考古学4 縄文時代 下』, 青木書店, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, May 2014, 352-379, Not Refereed
  • 奈良県の民俗芸能, 奈良県教育委員会, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Apr. 2014, 68-70, Not Refereed
  • 歴史における周縁と共生 女性・穢れ・衛生, 思文閣出版, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Mar. 2014, 65-90, Not Refereed
  • 映像でみる奈良まつり歳時記, ナカニシヤ出版, MUTO Yasuhiro, Apr. 2011, Not Refereed
  • 大学的奈良ガイド\n子供が暴れると豊作!?-仮装と子供の暴れ 奈良の祭の醍醐味, 昭和堂, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Apr. 2009, Not Refereed
  • 縄文時代の考古学8 生活空間―集落と遺跡群-\n住居の面積, 同成社, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Mar. 2009, Not Refereed
  • 紀伊半島の自然と文化\n風流芸能の危機, 紀伊半島研究会, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Dec. 2008, Not Refereed
  • 能代市史\n杉沢台遺跡のロングハウス, 能代市, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Nov. 2008, Not Refereed
  • 総論縄文土器\n表館式・早稲田6類土器, アム・プロモーション, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Jun. 2008, Not Refereed
  • 川上村民俗調査報告書\n第11節 上谷の民俗, 森と水の源流館, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Mar. 2008, Not Refereed
  • 縄文時代の考古学5 なりわい\n堅果類のアクヌキ法, 同成社, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Dec. 2007, Not Refereed
  • 「住居と建物」『考古学ハンドブック』, 新書館, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Jan. 2007, 83-84, Not Refereed
  • 紀伊山地におけるトチノミの非加熱アクヌキ法の研究-縄文時代の堅果類の可食化処理モデルの民族考古学的再検討-, 藤本強編『生業の考古学』同成社, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Oct. 2006, Not Refereed
  • 「狩猟採集民の住まい-大型住居の出現」\n『写真でみる民家大事典』, 柏書房, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, Dec. 2005, Not Refereed
  • Der Wandel von Behausungen und Siedlungen in der Jomon-Zeit, Zeit der Morgenrote Japans Archaologie und Geschichte bis zu den ersten Kaisern, MUTO Yasuhiro, 分担, 2004, 93-97, Not Refereed
  • Archaeological studies on the mansions of the feudal lords in the city of Edo., Unearthed house ruins of the medieval and modern times., MUTO Yasuhiro, 2001, 87-98頁, Not Refereed
  • Odaiba(The Shinagawa battery), The Japanese history revealed by Archaeological Studies, MUTO Yasuhiro, 2000, 6巻182-186頁, Not Refereed
  • Semi-sedentism of the pit-dwellings habitation system in the Jomon period., Houses and habitation system, MUTO Yasuhiro, 2000, 49?69頁, Not Refereed
  • The Diachronic and Synchronic Analyses of Longhouses in the Jomon Period., Life Style of the Jomon Period. The Dohsei publishing co., MUTO Yasuhiro, 1998, 130-191頁, Not Refereed
  • An Archaeological Study of the Long-houses in the Early and middle Jomon period, Archarological Studies of Habitation. The Dohsei publishing co. ,, MUTO Yasuhiro, 1997, 13-35頁, Not Refereed
  • House, Village and Community Structure in Japanese Paleolithic Culture, Chronostratigraphy of the Paleolithic in North Central, East Asia and America. USSR. Acad. Sci., MUTO Yasuhiro, 1990, Not Refereed
  • Genealogy of the Multiple-Dwelling Houses, Archaeology and Ethnography Rokko Pub. Co., MUTO Yasuhiro, 1989, 95-122頁, Not Refereed
  • Absolute dates of the Jomon period, The Studies on Jomon Culture vol. 1. Yuzankaku Pub. Co., MUTO Yasuhiro, 1982, 1巻246-275頁, Not Refereed
  • The traditional and ritual dances in Nara, 秋篠音楽堂運営協議会 NPO法人奈良芸能文化協会, Muto Yasuhiro, 著者 映像撮影 映像編集 解説, Dec. 2021
  • 新版土偶手帖おもしろ土偶と縄文世界遺産, 世界文化社, 誉田亜紀子, 監修, Aug. 2021, 9784418212156


  • 中国内モンゴル自治区におけるモンゴル民族の生活様態調査-オボ祭りを中心として-, Apr. 2006
  • 紀伊半島山間地における伝統的食文化に関するフィールドワーク, 2002
  • 奈良県内の農耕儀礼と民俗芸能の調査と記録保存, 2002
  • Eehnological field works on the traditional diet in the mountainous region of the Kii Peninsula, 2002
  • Establishment of the Digital Movie Archives on the Folk Rituals in Nara Prefecture, 2002
  • 伊豆諸島における鏡信仰の調査-八丈小島の考古学的調査-, 1991
  • Study on mirror worship in the Izu Islands-Archaeological Reserach at Hachijo-Kojima Island-, 1991
  • 住居(民家建築)、集落に関する世界的文献目録の作成〔未刊行〕(鹿島学術振興財団の助成金による), 1985
  • Bibliographical Survey of Studies on Houses and Settlements around the World [unpublished] (Contributed by KAZIMA Research Found), 1985


  • 山下太郎学術研究奨励賞, 1998

Research Projects

  • 2006, 2010, 中国内モンゴル自治区におけるモンゴル民族の生活態様調査, 科学研究費補助金, 0, 0, 0, Competitive research funding
  • 2001, 2010, 奈良県および隣接地域における農耕儀礼の実地調査, 0, 0, 0, Competitive research funding
  • 2001, 2010, Field works for the ritual of agriculture in Nara prefecture., 0, 0, 0, Competitive research funding
  • 1999, 2005, 縄文時代後・晩期における居住システムの転換と分節化社会の発達過程の研究, 0, 0, 0, Competitive research funding
  • 1999, 2005, Studies on the change of dwelling system and developing process of social stratification in the latter half of Jomon period., 0, 0, 0, Competitive research funding
  • 2001, 堅果類・根茎類の食習の民族学的研究, 0, 0, 0, Competitive research funding
  • 2001, Ethonological study on the nut snd root diet, 0, 0, 0, Competitive research funding
  • 縄文時代における定住・半定住的様相の研究, 0, 0, 0, Competitive research funding
  • Study on sedentary and/or semi-sedentary aspects during the Jomon period, 0, 0, 0, Competitive research funding

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