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KAMO Hiroyasu

    Faculty Division of Human Life and Environmental Sciences Research Group of Information and Communication Technology for Life Associate Professor
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  • (BLANK), Kyoto University

Research Interests

  • Computability in Analysis mathematical logic Urysohn's universal metric space 

Research Areas

  • Informatics, Information theory
  • Natural sciences, Basic mathematics


  • Apr. 1991, Apr. - 1992, Kyoto University, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, 数理解析専攻
  • Apr. 1989, Mar. - 1991, Kyoto University, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, 数理解析専攻
  • - 1989, Kyoto University, Faculty of Science

Published Papers

  • Effective Dini's theorem on effectively Compact metric spaces

    Hiroyasu Kamo

    We show that if a computable sequence of real-valued functions on an effectively compact metric space converges pointwise monotonically to a computable function, then the sequence converges effectively uniformly to the function. This is an effectivized version of Dini's Theorem. © 2005 Elsevier B.V., 03 Feb. 2005, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 120, 73 - 82, doi

    International conference proceedings

  • Computability and computable uniqueness of Urysohn's universal metric space

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    2005, Informatik Berichte --- Computability and Complexity in Analysis, 326, 149-159

  • Effective Contraction Theorem and its Application

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    2000, INFORMATIK BERICHTE-Computability and Complexity in Analysis, 272 (9), 157-164

  • Computability of self-similar sets

    H Kamo; K Kawamura

    We investigate computability of a self-similar set on a Euclidean space. A nonempty compact subset of a Euclidean space is called a self-similar set if it equals to the union of the images of itself by some set of contractions. The main result in this paper is that if all of the contractions are computable, then the self-similar set is a recursive compact set. A further result on the case that the self-similar set forms a curve is also discussed., WILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBH, 1999, MATHEMATICAL LOGIC QUARTERLY, 45 (1), 23 - 30, web_of_science

    Scientific journal


  • Schellbach-style Formulae for the Derousseau-Pampuch Generalizations of the Malfatti Circles

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    Apr. 2013,

  • 自己相似集合の計算可能性について-計算量をめざして-

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    1997, 電気学会情報処理研究会資料IP-97-15, 17-22

  • Computability of Self-affine Sets (共著)

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    1996, Annual Reports of Graduate School of Human Culture, Nara Women's University, (12), 135-150

  • Computability of Koch Curve and Koch Island(共著)

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    1996, 96 (100), 1-8

  • Declarative Semantics for Modularized Prolog with Herbrand models

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    1991, 信学技報, 91, 93

Books etc

  • 新版 情報処理ハンドブック(情報処理学会編、共著)

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    オーム社, 1995


  • ユークリッド幾何の問題への数式処理システムの応用

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    代数, 論理, 幾何と情報科学研究集会 (ALGI26), Aug. 2015, Tottori

  • 三角形に関する平面ユークリッド幾何への数式処理の応用

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    SLACS 2014 (記号論理と情報科学 研究集会), May 2014, 記号論理と情報科学 研究集会, 東京工業大学

  • 三角形に関する平面ユークリッド幾何への数式処理の応用

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    第二十三回 ALGI(代数,論理,幾何と情報科学研究集会), Sep. 2012

  • 三角形に関する平面ユークリッド幾何への数式処理の応用

    KAMO Hiroyasu

    SLACS 2012 (記号論理と情報科学 研究集会), Sep. 2012

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