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Sambe Michiko

    Faculty Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Group of History,Sociology and Geography Associate Professor
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Research Interests

  • 看護 医療 Qualitative Research Sociology LGBTQ 

Research Areas

  • Humanities & social sciences, Sociology, Sociology of Family

Research Experience

  • Apr. 2021, Nara Women's University, Faculty Division of Humanities and Social Sciences, 准教授
  • Apr. 2017 Mar. - 2021, Ishikawa Prefectural Nursing University, Faculty of Nursing, Lecturer
  • Sep. 2016 Mar. - 2017, San Francisco State University, College of Ethnic Studies, Visiting Scholar
  • Apr. 2015 Mar. - 2017, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Apr. 2014 Mar. - 2015, Ochanomizu University, Part-Time Lecturer
  • Apr. 2012 Mar. - 2014, Graduate School of Ochanomizu University, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, Research Fellow
  • Apr. 2009 Mar. - 2011, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Research Fellow


  • Apr. 2008, Mar. - 2012, Graduate School of Ochanomizu University, Doctoral Course, Humanities and Sciences, Deptartment of Sociology and Social Policy, Faculty of Human Developmental Sciences
  • Apr. 2006, Mar. - 2008, Graduate School of Ochanomizu University, Master Course, Humanities and Sciences, Department of Applied Sociology, Faculty of Human Developmental Sciences
  • Apr. 2004, Mar. - 2006, Graduate School of Hokkaido University, Master Course, International Media, Communication and Tourism Studies
  • Apr. 2000, Mar. - 2004, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of British and American Studies
  • Sep. 2002, Aug. - 2003, Dublin City University, Department of Applied Languages(Exchange Student)
  • Apr. 1997, Mar. - 2000, Hokkaido Sapporo Nishi High School


  • 日本家族社会学会学会賞(第一回奨励著書賞), 三部倫子, 三部倫子2014『カムアウトする親子』御茶の水書房, 日本家族社会学会, Sep. 2018
  • Grant for Publishing, Michiko Sambe, Parents and Children Who Come Out: Sociology of Homosexuality and Families, The Takemura Fund for Feminist Research for Gender Equality and Justice, Mar. 2013

Published Papers

  • Research Trends in Families of Sexual Minorities in Japan : Literature and Materials for Practitioners since 2009

    三部 倫子

    家族問題研究学会, 2016, 家族研究年報 = Annals of family studies, (41), 77 - 93, cinii_articles

    Scientific journal

  • 書評に応えて

    三部 倫子

    社会学研究会, Jun. 2015, ソシオロジ, 60 (1), 127 - 130, cinii_articles

  • The Application of "Tadashii sekushuariti (Heterosexuality)" Theory to Experiences of Mothers of LGBS

    三部 倫子

    お茶の水女子大学ジェンダー研究センター, Mar. 2014, ジェンダー研究 : お茶の水女子大学ジェンダー研究センター年報, (17), 69 - 74, cinii_articles

  • 「家族」からの離れがたさ――セクシュアルマイノリティの「病院での面会」から(特集 逃れがたきもの、「家族」)

    三部 倫子

    生活書院, Mar. 2013, 支援, 3, 104 - 117, cinii_articles

    Scientific journal

  • Transposition and Melt between Sexualities from being in a Majority to being in a Minority::Face-to-Face Interactions at a Self-Help Group

    Sambe Michiko

    The aim of this paper is to analyze face-to-face interactions between members of sexual minorities and members from the sexual majority (heterosexuals) and to examine the possibilities of a better understanding between the two. To accomplish this, two types of qualitative research were conducted. The first consisted of interviews with LGBs, and the second took the form of participatory field-work in a self-help group, where both sexual minorities and heterosexuals were members. It was found that heterosexuals became a sexual <i>minority</i> at the club while sexual minorities became a <i>majority</i>. Heterosexuals in the club expressed their feelings about difficulties in Japan, which melts the line between minorities and the majority. This transposition of sexualities introduced heterosexuals to the pseudo-experience of being members of a minority and, at the same time, the club gave sexual minorities the chance to imagine friendly relations with heterosexuals near them but outside the group., The Kantoh Sociological Society, 2013, The Annual Review of Sociology, 2013 (26), 99 - 110, cinii_articles

    Scientific journal

  • 非当事者のかかわりがセルフヘルプ・グループにもたらすもの―セクシュアルマイノリティと家族のための会への質的調査をもとに


    Mar. 2012, Proceedings, (20)

    Research institution

  • Qualitative Research on Families of Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals: The Dilemma of Visibility and Interactions between Heterosexual Parents and Their LGB Children

    Michiko Sambe

    Mar. 2012, Ochanomizu University

    Doctoral thesis

  • 書評 守如子(著)『女はポルノを読む : 女性の性欲とフェミニズム』

    三部 倫子

    クィア学会, Nov. 2011, 論叢クィア, (4), 151 - 158, cinii_articles

  • What do you want from "families"?: blood family, family of choice and gay men's community

    三部 倫子

    日本解放社会学会, 2010, 解放社会学研究, (24), 35 - 55, cinii_articles

    Scientific journal

  • 「悲嘆の過程」の批判的検討――「ゲイの息子」を持つ親の「語り」と「縁者によるスティグマ」概念をもとに


    Sep. 2009, 論叢クィア, (2)

    Scientific journal

  • Rethinking the heterosexual family of origin: from interviews with nonheterosexuals

    三部 倫子

    家族問題研究会, Jun. 2009, Annals of family studies, 34 (34), 73 - 90, cinii_articles

    Scientific journal

  • 書評『女の遺言--私の人生を書く』:麻鳥澄江・鈴木ふみ子著

    三部 倫子

    情況出版, Sep. 2007, 情況 第三期, 8 (6), 239 - 241, cinii_articles

    Scientific journal

  • "Families" seen from Coming out

    Michiko Sambe

    Mar. 2006, Ochanomizu University

    Master thesis


  • 「LGBTの患者対応についての看護部長アンケート」結果(簡易報告書)


    Aug. 2019, 看護部長アンケート_結果簡易版v2.pdf

  • 「カミングアウトしてほしい」という欲望について


    May 2019, 福音と世界, 2019 (6月号), 18 - 23, url


  • 人ごとから自分ごとへ――身近にある性の多様性を考える


    Mar. 2016, 白色白光, (18), url

    Report research institution

  • 文献紹介 小山静子・赤枝香奈子・今田絵里香編『セクシュアリティの戦後史』


    Oct. 2015, 家族社会学研究, 27 (2)

    Book review

  • 書評 堀江有里『「レズビアン」という生き方――キリスト教の異性愛主義を問う』


    Sep. 2008, 論叢クィア, (1)

    Book review

Books etc

  • Cultural and Social Division in Contemporary Japan

    Michiko Sambe (, Range: Heterosexual marriage and childbirth as a "natural course of life": parenthood as experienced by the generation before the "LGBT boom")

    Routledge, Aug. 2020, 183-196

  • 自己語りの社会学――ライフヒストリー・問題経験・当事者経験(小林多寿子 浅野智彦 編集)

    三部倫子 (, Range: コラム:セクシュアル・マイノリティ研究)

    新曜社, Aug. 2018

  • 入門・家族社会学

    三部 倫子 (, Range: セクシュアル・マイノリティにとっての子育て)

    新泉社, Mar. 2017

  • スクリブナー思想史大辞典

    三部倫子 (, Range: クィア理論)

    丸善出版, Jan. 2016

  • 現代家族ペディア

    三部倫子 (, Range: LGBTと生殖補助医療、LGBTと共同養取)

    弘文堂, Nov. 2015

  • カムアウトする親子: 同性愛と家族の社会学

    三部 倫子

    御茶の水書房, 23 Jun. 2014, 276, amazon_url;amazon_small_image_url;amazon_medium_image_url;amazon_large_image_url (ISBN: 4275010752)

  • 外見に関する行動・意識と格差との関係――首都圏男女の調査報告書


    お茶の水女子大学GCOEプログラム格差センシティブな人間発達科学の創成, Mar. 2009


  • 病院におけるLGBTの患者への対応ーー看護部長への質問紙調査から


    第67回関東社会学会大会, 10 Jun. 2019

Association Memberships





  • 日本看護科学学会

  • 日本保健医療社会学会

Media Coverage

  • 取材協力, Yahoo!ニュース特集, 同性愛の家族計画, Aug. 2016, Internet
  • 取材協力, Yahoo!ニュース特集, LGBTと家族, Jun. 2016, Internet
  • 取材協力, Vice TV, Apr. 2015, Internet


  • 専門社会調査士
  • 3rd-Level of Black Belt, Karate

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