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TAKADA Masashi

    Faculty Division of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Group of History,Sociology and Geography Professor
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  • (BLANK), The University of Tokyo, Mar. 1985
  • The University of Tokyo, Mar. 1983

Research Interests

  • 応用地質学 古環境解析 年代測定学 地質学 第四紀学 地形学 自然地理学 Applied geology Paleoenvironmental analysis Numerical dating Geology Quaternary Science Geomorphology Physical Geography 

Research Areas

  • Natural sciences, Solid earth science
  • Humanities & social sciences, Geography

Research Experience

  • 2008 - 2012, :奈良女子大学・文学部・教授
  • 2012, -:奈良女子大学・教授・研究院・人文科学系
  • 2007 - 2008, :奈良女子大学・文学部・准教授
  • 1995 - 2007, :奈良女子大学・文学部・助教授
  • 1995 - 2007, :Associate Professor of Nara Women's University
  • 2001 - 2003, :国立極地研究所・助教授併任
  • 2001, -:奈良女子大学・共生科学研究センター兼担
  • 1997 - 2000, :奈良女子大学大学院・人間文化研究科・博士課程兼担
  • 1995 - 1999, :奈良女子大学大学院・文学研究科・修士課程兼担
  • 1998, -:奈良女子大学大学院・人間文化研究科・博士前期・博士後期課程兼担
  • 1996 - 1997, :通商産業技官(地質調査所環境地質部)併任
  • 1993 - 1996, :東洋学園大学・非常勤講師
  • 1990 - 1996, :東洋女子短期大学・非常勤講師
  • 1990 - 1996, :Part-time Lecturer of Toyo Women's College
  • 1994 - 1995, :日本大学文理学部・非常勤講師
  • 1991 - 1995, :横浜国立大学・非常勤講師
  • 1988 - 1989, :東洋女子短期大学・非常勤講師
  • 1988 - 1989, :Part-time Lecturer of Toyo Women's College


  • - 1990, The University of Tokyo, 理学系研究科, 地理学, Japan
  • - 1990, The University of Tokyo, Graduate School, Division of Science
  • - 1983, The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Science, 地理学, Japan
  • - 1983, The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography


  • 「科研費」審査委員の表彰, 2016, JPN

Published Papers

  • Latest pleistocene to holocene alluvial basin construction: An example from the Nara Basin, central Japan

    Nobuaki Itoh; Kazuaki Hori; Masashi Takada

    The response of alluvial plains or basins located upstream from the limit of marine deposition to allogenic forcing, such as sea level and climate change, has received little attention compared with adjacent coastal plains. This study investigates the stratigraphy and evolution of an alluvial basin in Nara, Japan, which has formed along the middle reaches of the Yamato River and its tributaries since around the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), based on the analysis of newly collected radiocarbon-dated sediment cores and by collating existing borehole logs, radiocarbon ages, and burial depths of dated archaeological remains. Major fluvial incision did not occur in the basin during the sea-level lowstand around the LGM. In addition, the latest Pleistocene to Holocene strata (< 5 m thick) are extremely thin compared with the southern part of the Osaka Plain, which is located in the lower reaches of the river. These observations indicate that the base level fluctuations caused by eustatic sea level change, and tectonic subsidence related to active faults in the surrounding mountains, have had little influence on deposition in the basin since around the LGM and that the basin has been a zone of sediment transfer or transport. The burial depths of dated archaeological remains suggest that the thickness of sediment that has accumulated over the last 2000 years is around 1-2 m across large areas of the basin. The expansion of secondary forest caused by human disturbance in the historical period, and repeated landslide-induced river-bed uplift downstream from the outlet of the basin, may have promoted flood deposition in the basin. (C) 2017 Elsevier Ltd and INQUA. All rights reserved., PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, Oct. 2017, QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL, 455, 102 - 112, doi;web_of_science

    Scientific journal


    Aiko Shimada; Masashi Takada; Shin Toyoda

    In this study, measurements of electron spin resonance (ESR) signals from quartz grains from present-day river bed sediments of the Kizu River basin (western Japan) were used to estimate the mixing ratios of the possible source materials of these fluvial deposits. The dose-saturated ESR signal intensities obtained from the Al and Ti-Li centers in quartz grains were close to the range between the maximum and minimum intensities of their potential source rocks, meaning it was possible to estimate the mixing ratios of these sources. The results indicate that the dose-saturated Al and Ti-Li center ESR intensities can be used to quantitatively estimate the provenance of the sediments deposited by the Kizu River., DE GRUYTER OPEN LTD, Feb. 2016, GEOCHRONOMETRIA, 43 (1), 155 - 161, doi;web_of_science

    Scientific journal

  • TL and ESR signals in quartz of Kurobe River Sediments.

    Yoshida, M; Toyoda, S; Ninagawa, K; Takada, M; Shimada, A

    2016, Advances in ESR Applications, 32, 4 - 10

  • Multiple approaches to date Japanese marker tephras using optical and ESR methods

    R. H. Biswas; S. Toyoda; M. Takada; Y. Shitaoka

    The present study aimed to test reliability of luminescence and electron spin resonance (ESR) methods to date tephra. We investigated on three Japanese marker tephras, Ikeda-ko (6.4 ka), Aira-Tn (30 ka) and Aira-Iwato (45-50 ka). A systematic studies were performed using different minerals (quartz and feldspar), different grain fractions (75-250 and 250-500 mu m), different luminescence and ESR signals, like optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) of quartz, infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) of feldspar, including recently developed least faded post infrared IRSL (pIR-IRSL), and ESR signals from paramagnetic centers Al and Ti-Li of quartz. Ages obtained using pIR-IRSL signal of plagioclase with preheat of 320 degrees C, 60 s and stimulation at 300 degrees C are consistent with the reference ages. High dose detection range (up to similar to 600 Gy) and accurate age estimation enable pIR-IRSL of feldspar a promising methodology to date quaternary tephra. ESR ages from quartz are grossly correlated with the reference ages but large deviation and large associated errors are observed, possibly due to either low signal to noise ratio or heterogenous dose response of different aliquot in multiple aliquot additive dose (MAAD) approach. (C) 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved., ELSEVIER SCI LTD, Oct. 2015, QUATERNARY GEOCHRONOLOGY, 30 (Part B), 350 - 356, doi;web_of_science

    Scientific journal

  • 環境指標としてみた植物珪酸体の酸素同位体比


    Nov. 2015, 奈良女子大学地理学・地域環境学研究報告, (Ⅷ), 63 - 70

  • 和歌山県の河川における面源汚染の実態

    熊木雅代; 山田誠; 浜崎健児; 高村仁知; 高田将志; 和田恵次

    2015, E-journal GEO, 10 (1), 1 - 17, doi

  • 現河床堆積物に含まれる石英のESR信号特性―木津川流域を対象として―

    野曽原吉彦; 豊田新; 高田将志; 島田愛子; 吉田真徳

    2014, ESR応用計測, 30, 4 - 11

  • Characteristics of ESR signals and TLCLs of quartz included in various source rocks and sediments in Japan: A clue to sediment provenance

    Aiko Shimada; Masashi Takada; Shin Toyoda

    The variation of electron spin resonance (ESR) signal intensities and thermoluminescence colour images (TLCIs) of quartz was investigated in the present study for various rocks and sediments in Japan, to discuss the possibilities of identifying the sediment provenance. The ESR signal intensity of the E1' centre in the same grain size in granitic quartz varies from sample to sample, except for that in Quaternary samples of volcanic sediment, which is very low, close to the noise level. It was found that the diagram, ESR intensities of Al versus Ti-Li centre signal intensities, distinguish volcanic from the same grain size in granitic quartz as well as distinguish individual tephra from another. The TLCIs from volcanic quartz and some granitic quartz samples is almost red and that from the rest of granitic and metamudstone quartz is blue as results of TLCIs although the emission intensities are dif-ferent. Our results suggest that examining the multiple-centre signal intensities of ESR and the TLCIs are ef-fective to identify the source of quartz and to estimate the sediment provenance. © 2013 Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland. All rights reserved., Dec. 2013, Geochronometria, 40 (4), 334 - 340, doi

    International conference proceedings

  • 墨に含まれる膠コラーゲンの質量分析による原料動物種の同定

    宮路淳子; 河原一樹; 松尾良樹; 舘野和己; 鈴木孝仁; 高田将志; 山崎 雄三

    2013, 考古学と自然科学, (64), 47 - 57

  • Component resolved optically stimulated luminescence investigations and age determination for a quartz sample from marine terrace sediments in Fukui region, central Japan.

    Banerjee, D; Toyoda, S; Takada, M; Shimada, A

    2011, Advances in ESR Applications, 27, 7 - 10

  • 起源の異なる石英の110℃熱ルミネッセンス信号特性―堆積物の供給源推定にむけて―

    高田 将志

    2010, 奈良女子大学文学部地理学・地域環境学研究報告, (Ⅶ), 105 - 112

  • Characteristics of Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) signals in quartz from igneous rock samples: a clue to sediment provenance.

    Shimada, A; Takada, M

    2008, Annual Reports of Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, Nara Women's University, (23), 187 - 195

  • ESR dating of sedimentary quartz from two pleistocene deposits using Al and Ti-centers

    Helene Tissoux; Shin Toyoda; Christophe Falgueres; Pierre Voinchet; Masashi Takada; Jean-Jacques Bahain; Jackie Despriee

    One sample from a fluvial terrace of Loir river (France) deposited during isotopic stages 7-8 and two samples from isotopic stage 5 marine sediments of Echizen Coast (Japan) were dated by ESR of quartz grains. Both additive and regenerative techniques were used on Ti-Li and Ti-H centers of quartz. No change of sensitivity of the centers was observed during regeneration which significantly reduced the errors on the equivalent doses. Bleaching experiments indicated that the Ti-Li center is less sensitive to UV(ultra-violet)-A (365-412 nm) than to the full sun spectrum whereas UVA alone is sufficient to reset the bleachable component of the Al-center. This effect could be the origin of the strong overestimation of the ages determined using the Ti-Li center in this study. The comparison of the equivalent doses determined by the two Ti-centers indicated that bleaching before deposition of the fluvial sediment was apparently better than for the marine sample., WIND-J WOJEWODA PUBL CO, 2008, GEOCHRONOMETRIA, 30, 23 - 31, doi;web_of_science

    Scientific journal

  • Irrigation cannel casts remained in the arid regions of China and their abandoned periods, based on interpretation from the high-resolution satellite images

    SOHMA Hidehiro; TAKADA Masashi; TIAN Ran; OGATA Noboru; ITO Toshio; WATANABE Mitsuko; WEI Jien; YU Zhiyong; QI Wuyun

    1).内モンゴル西部黒河下流域(デルタ地域):衛星画像判読から,大まかには大小二種類の紅柳包が抽出された.大規模紅柳包は,現地調査によれば,漢代の建設でほぼ同時代内に放棄されたとされるK688遺跡では,囲壁の一部に比高約15mの紅柳包(tamarix cone)が分布し,漢代の建設で3-4世紀に放棄されたとされるK710遺跡付近では,南東端囲壁から約50m地点の灌漑水路跡が比高6-7mの紅柳包に覆われていた.

    本研究は,平成19年度科学研究費補助金基盤研究(A)(2)(海外)「高解像度衛星データによる古灌漑水路・耕地跡の復元とその系譜の類型化」(代表:相馬秀廣)による研究成果の一部である., The Association of Japanese Geographers, 2008, Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers, 2008 (0), 76 - 76, doi;cinii_articles

  • Change of desert environment and human activities during the last 3000 years in the lowest reaches of Heihe River, China

    ENDO Kunihiko; QI Wuyun; MU Guijin; ZHENG Xiangmin; MURATA Taisuke; HORI Kazuaki; SOHMA Hidehiro; TAKADA Masashi

    Mar. 2007, Project report on an Oasis-region, 6 (2), 181 - 199

    Scientific journal

  • Preliminary study of the application of natural olivine in Cenozoic dating

    Masashi Takada; Atsushi Tani; Aiko Shimada

    The study investigated the luminescence behaviour of natural olivine to discuss the potential for Cenozoic (quaternary) dating. The UV-blue thermoluminescence (TL) glow curves of irradiated olivines have a resolved peak at 190 degrees C and other peaks at higher temperature at lower dose levels, and broad signals around 275-310 and 375-400 degrees C at higher dose levels. The UV-blue TL increases with additional laboratory dose to similar to 1.6 kGy within a plateau temperature region, suggesting the possibility of dosimetry and Cenozoic dating. Both infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) and blue light stimulated luminescence (BLSL) were detected from laboratory-irradiated olivines although the BLSL was weaker than the IRSL. Furthermore, post-BL IRSL was detected but post-IR BLSL was not observed. Therefore, IR stimulation is recommended for optically stimulated luminescence measurements with natural olivine. The growth of the IRSL signal component with doses less than several tens of Gy are too weak to measure. The dose-response curves suggest that further investigations on various types of olivine are needed for practical IRSL dating in the late Pleistocene or more recent. (c) 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved., PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, Aug. 2006, RADIATION MEASUREMENTS, 41 (7-8), 982 - 986, doi;web_of_science

    Scientific journal

  • Geomorphological Study Based on Satellite Photographs and Satellite Images : In the Cases of Investigation on Active Faults in Tarim Basin and Turpan Basin, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China

    WATANABE Mitsuko; TAKADA Masashi; SOHMA Hidehiro

    Satellite remote sensing provides valuable information on the landscapes of foreign countries. However, satellite images, having lower ground-resolution compared with aerial photographs, are difficult to detect the detail features formed by active faults such as the deformation of the fluvial terrace surfaces. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the active faults of the Turpan basin and Tarim basin, North West of China, focusing on the deformations of the terrace surfaces by the interpretation of the CORONA satellite photographs of high-resolution (2-3 m) with stereo coverage. The following results are obtained. Fault scarps with about 5 m relative heights and the dislocations on the fluvial terrace surfaces can be recognized by the detail stereo-optical interpretation of the CORONA Satellite Photographs. CORONA mosaic images show that the active faults of Turpan Basin and Tarim Basin distribute along the piedmont of the anticlinal mountains or hills parallel to the southern flank of Tian Shan Mts. But, there are some regional differences in distribution patterns between both basins; in the Turpan Area, active faults are continuously developed along the southern flank of the anticlinal mountains or hills, but in the Kashi Area (northwestern part of Tarim Basin), active structures appear intermittently. Perhaps, these differences reflected by subsurface structure or condition of tectonic stress. Thus, the CORONA mosaic images can easily show these differences. As stated above, by using high-resolution satellite images and photographs, not only detail mapping of active faults based on the deformations of the terrace surfaces locally, but also analyzing of the distribution patterns of active faults regionally is possible. In addition, high-resolution satellite images and photographs also provide very useful data for the research on the landform in late Quaternary such as the fluvial, glacial and aeolian landforms characteristic in the inland Asia. The future development on the studies of landform development in late Quaternary in the inland Asia is expected., 日本地形学連合, 25 Apr. 2006, Transactions,Japanese Geomorphological Union, 27 (2), 171 - 185, cinii_articles;cinii_books;url;url

  • Active structures and average slip rate of active faults along the Southern Flank of the Tian Shan Mountains

    WATANABE Mitsuko; SOHMA Hidehiro; TAKADA Masashi; WATANABE Mitsuhisa

    現河床からの比高・開析度などに着目してCORONA 衛星写真判読を行った結果,Tuqashla 付近の河成段丘は,Tuqashla中位1面(TqM1面),中位2面(TqM2面),低位2面(TqL2面),および低位3(TqL3)面に分類される。これらの段丘面は,Khr.Naratag_-_Khr.Ishta Rchitag丘陵の南麓に沿う南向きの断層崖によって変位を受けている。また,Mar-ArtushからTakutにかけての地域(Gory Boztag北縁)では,Takut中位1面(TkM1面)_から_中位3面(TkM3面),低位1面(TkL1面)_から_低位4(TkL4)面の7面に分類された。最も広いTkL4面は,流路変更にともなって形成されたと考えられる低い崖や起伏を除くと比較的平坦で大部分が耕地化されている。TkL1面とTkM3面の間には明瞭な段丘崖が認められる。TkM3面よりも高位の段丘面は,段丘崖付近で谷頭侵食がおこっており,高位の面ほど開析が進んでいるものの,いずれにも平坦面がよく保存されている。ここでは,Gory Boztag_-_Gory Chontag丘陵の北麓に沿った北向きの断層崖が段丘面を変位させている。
    Gory Boztag丘陵北麓における活断層の変位速度
    , The Association of Japanese Geographers, 2005, Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers, 2005 (0), 231 - 231, doi;cinii_articles

  • ESR dating of fossil shells in the Lutzow-Holm Bay Region, East Antarctica

    M Takada; A Tani; H Miura; K Moriwaki; T Nagatomo

    The authors investigate ESR dating of in situ fossil aragonitic shells from the emerged marine sediments in the Lutzow-Holm Bay region. East Antarctica to compare ESR ages with AMS C-14 dates and to discuss late Pleistocene chronology. From the ESR ages, the AMS C-14 ages of late Pleistocene for the samples (33-43 ka) seem to be underestimated and to be much closer to the marine isotope stage (MIS) 4-5 or MIS 6-7 rather than to MIS 3. Our results suggest that further dating studies as well as C-14 dating should be made in the study area by using various techniques. (C) 2003 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved., PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, May 2003, QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS, 22 (10-13), 1323 - 1328, True, doi;web_of_science

    Scientific journal

  • 南極沿岸地域の完新世のイベント -隆起海浜地形と放棄されたペンギンルッカリ--

    三浦英樹; 前杢英明; 吉永秀一郎; 高田将志; Daniel Zwartz

    2002, 月刊地球, 271, 23 - 30

  • 東南極,エンダービーランド,リーセルラルセン山周辺の第四紀氷床変動の証拠と古環境

    三浦英樹; 高田将志; Daniel Zwartz

    2002, 月刊地球, 271, 51 - 57

  • Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) study of synthetic stishovite

    A Tani; C Yamanaka; M Ikeya; O Ohtaka; M Takada; T Katsura

    Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) of synthetic stishovite was investigated for a future dating technique of meteor impact craters. Luminescence around 330 nm was measured on the gamma -ray irradiated stishovite under two stimulating light sources of infrared laser (830 nm) and blue light emitting diode set (470 nm). Thermoluminescence (TL) studies before and after the OSL measurements showed the intensities around 100-200 degreesC and 220-350 degreesC to increase and those around 350-450 degreesC to decrease. This indicates that a part of deep-trapped charges excited during the OSL measurements were retrapped by shallower traps. The infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) after the TL measurement up to 450 degreesC could not be detected, while the blue light stimulated luminescence (BLSL) after TL had about one-tenth of the intensity before TL, This indicates that a part of the charges in shallower traps were detrapped thermally and returned to the deeper traps which were related to BLSL, The result implies that some of the BLSL-related traps are quite stable at room temperature and could be used for geological dating. In addition, two paramagnetic centers produced by sudden release of high pressure in synthesis process were found in the unirradiated stishovite by electron spin resonance (ESR). Their g-factors are g(parallel to) = 2.00181 and g(perpendicular to) = 2.00062 for an axial signal and g = 2.00305 for the other isotropic signal. These signals could be used for an evidence of impacts if those signals could be stored in geological time. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved., PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, Oct. 2000, RADIATION MEASUREMENTS, 32 (5-6), 473 - 477, doi;web_of_science

    Scientific journal

  • Backgrounds of Recent Natural Disasters

    TAKADA Masashi; SOHMA Hidehiro; TANAKA Shingo; OKADA Atsumasa; OKUNISHI Kazuo; ENDO Kunihiko

    Jul. 1999, Transactions,Japanese Geomorphological Union, 20 (4), 369 - 372, cinii_articles

    Scientific journal

  • Quaternary Landform and Geochronology in Tenerife, the Canary Islands

    TAKADA Masashi

    1999, M. Ohsawa et al. (eds. ), ANAGA CLOUD FOREST. A Comparatire study on evergreen broad-leaved forest and trees in the Canary Islands and Japan. Chiba University, 39 - 54

  • Radiocarbon and thermoluminescence ages in the Mt. Riiser-Larsen area, Enderby Land, East Antarctica

    TAKADA Masashi; Takada, M; Miura, H; Zwartz, D.P

    1998, Polar Geoscience, 11, 239 - 248

  • Holocene lake sediments and sea-level change at Mt. Riiser-Larsen

    Zwartz, D.P; Miura, H; Takada, M; Moriwaki, K

    1998, Polar Geosciences, 11, 249 - 259

  • アムンゼン湾・リーセル・ラルセン山地学調査隊報告 1996-1997(JARE-38).

    石塚英男; 三浦英樹; 高田将志; 石川正弘; 鈴木里子; 外田智千

    1997, 南極資料, 41, 743 - 777, doi


    Masashi TAKADA; Masahisa HAYASHI; Takanobu SAWAGAKI; Kazuomi HIRAKAWA; Kiichi MORIWAKI

    Fossil shells and marine sediments in the Lutzow-Holm Bay region, East Antarctica, were dated by electron spin resonance (ESR) and thermoluminescence (TL), respectively. The ESR and TL dates obtained in this study could be correlated with the postglacial ^<14>C age group around Lutzow-Holm Bay. The sample of shells was taken from the emerged marine sediments in Langhovde which also contain another sample of quartz, and there is a small discrepancy between the two dates. Probably it is due to uncertainties in the estimates of the internal dose for the fossil shells and of the paleodose for the quartz sample., Sep. 1995, Proceedings of the NIPR Symposium on Antarctic Geosciences, 8 (8), 230 - 238, cinii_articles;cinii_books;url

  • 堆積物のOSL年代測定法 -人類紀の新しい年代測定法の現状と課題-

    高田 将志

    1995, 奈良女子大学文学部紀要, 39, 53 - 68

  • 磐梯山周辺に分布する広域テフラ(共著)

    鈴木毅彦; 木村純一; 早田勉; 千葉茂樹; 小荒井衛; 新井房夫; 吉永秀一郎; 高田将志

    1995, 地学雑誌, 104, 551 - 560, doi



    A welded tuff in a geothermal area was dated by electron spin resonance (ESR) and thermoluminescence (TL). The ESR spectrum has a clear Ti center signal and weak Al center signal, which resembles the spectrum of the volcanic ash (Crystal Ash C1, Shinshu, Japan) annealed at 200-degrees-C for 20 hr. In this volcanic ash, the intensity of the Al center signal selectively decreased with the heat treatment. This result may suggest that this welded tuff sample was subjected to weak thermal annealing in the past, and only the Al center signal was reduced. From ESR, the equivalent dose (ED) was 49 Gy and the ESR date was 0.043 Ma for the Al center and the ED value was 300 Gy and the ESR date was 0.26 Ma for the Ti center. From TL, the ED value was 39 Gy and the TL date was 0.039 Ma, which are close to that of the Al center signal using ESR. A detailed thermal annealing experiment at 400, 800 and 1000-degrees-C for this sample, rose and smoky quartz was performed to investigate the variety of ESR signals of natural quartz and the influence of thermal annealing in the past., PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 1992, QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS, 11 (1-2), 257 - 265, web_of_science

    Scientific journal

  • ブータンヒマラヤの地形 -山間盆地の河岸段丘に関するいくつかの問題-

    高田 将志

    1992, 地学雑誌, 101 (4), 283 - 297, doi

  • 北アルプス薬師岳周辺の周氷河性平滑斜面

    高田 将志

    1992, 地学雑誌, 101 (7), 594 - 614, doi

  • Environmental Changes during the Late Holocene and the Climatic Implications of Snow Accumulation Hollows in and around Mt. Tango, the Echigo, central Japan

    TAKADA Masashi; Takada, M; Sasaki, M; Yanagimachi, O; Ohmori, H

    1990, Bulltin of the Department of Geography, University of Tokyo, 22, 35 - 53

  • 糸静線活断層系中部,若宮大沢断層の性格と第四紀後期における活動 -富士見,茅野における発掘調査-(共著)

    糸静線活断層系発掘調査研究グループ; 太田陽子ほ; 高田将志

    1988, 地震研究所彙報, 63, 349 - 408

  • 千屋断層(秋田県)の完新世の活動と断層先端部の形態 -千畑町小森での発掘調査(共著)

    千屋断層研究グループ; 今泉俊文ほ; 高田将志

    1986, 地震研究所彙報, 61, 339 - 402

  • 三国山脈主稜線周辺の化石周氷河性平滑斜面・化石雪食凹地

    高田 将志

    1986, 地理学評論, 59 (12), 729 - 749

  • 第4章 分析 第2節 平城京左京三条二坊十四坪における下部堆積層の14C年代と火山噴出物.


    Mar. 2020, 『平城京左京三条二坊十四坪』奈良県文化財調査報告書 第186集.(奈良県立橿原考古学研究所), 309 - 312

    Research institution

  • 第6章 2.勢野東遺跡調査地点における堆積層の堆積年代.


    Mar. 2020, 『勢野東遺跡』奈良県立橿原考古学研究所調査報告書第127冊(奈良県立橿原考古学研究所), 107 - 110

    Research institution

  • 附編2. 美濃庄遺跡における下部堆積層の火山噴出物。


    Mar. 2019, 奈良県遺跡調査概報 2017年度 第2分冊。(奈良県立橿原考古学研究所), 145 - 146

    Research institution

  • 公開 第Ⅱ編 基準ボーリング 2.2.5 OSL年代測定.


    Sep. 2018, 『新関西地盤―奈良盆地―』KG-NET・関西圏地盤研究会・一般社団法人 関西地質調査業協会 編, 240 - 242

    Research institution


  • Late Cenozoic Glacial and Environmental History in East Antarctica

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  • Geomorphological study through the use of satellite photographs and satellite images : In the case of investigation on active faults in Tarim basin and Turpan basin, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region, China

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  • 海洋酸素同位体ステージ3における南極氷床縁辺部の融解の可能性 -第四紀後期の両半球の氷床の挙動と原因-

    三浦英樹; 高田将志

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    Introduction scientific journal

  • 紀伊半島の自然と災害

    高田 将志

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    Introduction research institution

  • Luminescence Dating of Quaternary Materials

    TAKADA Masashi; NAGATOMO Tsuneto

    1999, 月刊地球, 号外26, 108 - 118

    Introduction scientific journal

  • 学会展望「自然的基礎」

    高田 将志

    1998, 人文地理, (50), 307 - 308

    Book review

  • 吉永論文「風化火山灰土の母材の起源」に対するコメント

    高田 将志

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    Report scientific journal

  • 第四紀後期の黒部川の縦断形変化と長期的土砂流出

    高田 将志

    1995, 黒部(日本黒部学会紀要), (6), 9 - 16

    Lecture materials

  • ヒマラヤの地形をブータンから眺める

    高田 将志

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    Introduction commerce magazine

  • Landform and Quaternary Geohistory of the Bhutan Himalaya.

    TAKADA Masashi

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    Introduction other

  • 地理学を考える

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    Introduction commerce magazine

  • 片品川流域における段丘形成過程について

    高田 将志

    1984, 関東平野, (1), 11 - 16

    Summary national conference

  • Comments on the Special Section Articles

    HOSHIZUMI Hideo; HAYAKAWA Yukio; ONO Koji; WATANABE Kazunori; SASE Takashi; TAKADA Masashi; KOYAMA Masato; KIMURA Jun-ichi; SUZUKI Takehiko

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Books etc

  • 日本列島地形図鑑

    高田 将志 (, Range: 全編)

    成美堂出版, Dec. 2019

  • 第二節 甘葛煎とツタ樹液に含まれる針状結晶について.山辺規子編『甘葛煎再現プロジェクト“よみがえる古代の甘味料”』所収

    大田千絵; 高田将志

    かもがわ出版, 2018

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    奈良県立橿原考古学研究所, 2017

  • 第4章第1節 堆積層の光ルミネッセンス(OSL) ―特にpost-IR IRSL年代―。奈良県立橿原考古学研究所 調査報告第122冊 『名勝 奈良公園・興福寺跡 ―興福寺子院観禅院跡の調査―』所収

    奈良県立橿原考古学研究所, 2017

  • 世界地名大事典1-2 アジア・オセアニア・極Ⅰ-Ⅱ

    高田将志分担; 秋山元秀; 小野有五; 熊谷圭知; 中村泰三; 中山修一編 (, Range: 「ブータン王国」ほか全12項目を担当)

    朝倉書店, 2017

  • 時空間を俯瞰する自然地理学。科学、Vol.86-No.10所収。


    岩波書店, 2016

  • 第2節 平城京左京五条五坊二坪流路1の堆積物から得られた珪藻遺骸

    奈良県立橿原考古学研究所、附編, 2015

  • 紀伊半島を流れる諸河川流域の自然環境基盤 ―南西部調査対象流域を中心として―

    奈良女子大学共生科学研究センター 特別経費(プロジェクト分)事業『源流から河口域までの河川生態系と流域環境との連環構造―紀伊半島の河川群の比較より―』平成23・24・25年度活動報告書, 2014

  • 第1節 飛鳥京跡第165次調査地点における堆積層の14C年代とOSL年代

    奈良県立橿原考古学研究所調査報告第117冊『飛鳥京跡Ⅵ -吉野川分水の発掘調査-』,奈良県立橿原考古学研究所, 2014

  • 紀伊半島における河川水質の地理的分布とその要因

    奈良女子大学共生科学研究センター 特別経費(プロジェクト分)事業『源流から河口域までの河川生態系と流域環境との連環構造―紀伊半島の河川群の比較より―』平成23・24・25年度活動報告書, 2014

  • 紀伊半島西部・南部の河川における面源負荷の実態

    奈良女子大学共生科学研究センター 特別経費(プロジェクト分)事業『源流から河口域までの河川生態系と流域環境との連環構造―紀伊半島の河川群の比較より―』平成23・24・25年度活動報告書, 2014

  • 紀伊半島西部・南部における河川水中の溶存金属類の分布

    奈良女子大学共生科学研究センター 特別経費(プロジェクト分)事業『源流から河口域までの河川生態系と流域環境との連環構造―紀伊半島の河川群の比較より―』平成23・24・25年度活動報告書, 2014

  • 春日山原始林とその周辺の地形・地質ー森林の変化にかかわる要因は何か.前迫ゆり編『世界遺産 春日山原始林』

    ナカニシヤ出版, 2013

  • 人文地理学事典

    高田将志 (, Range: 項目「活断層」の執筆)

    丸善出版株式会社, 2013

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  • 16巻機山

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  • 動いているヒマラヤ ―山の地形と氷河―

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  • 書評「ロバート・S・イーツ著、太田陽子・吾妻崇訳『多発する地震と社会安全 ―カリフォルニアにみる予防と対策』古今書院」

    古今書院「地理」56巻10号, 2011

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  • Ⅳ.八条北遺跡の堆積層と降下テフラ起源物質

    橿原考古学研究所『奈良県遺跡調査概報2011 年度』所収「天理市・大和郡山市 八条北遺跡(大和郡山ジャンクションF地区)」, 2011

  • 5.2.8 カナリアス諸島

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  • 書評「エドマンド・ブレア・ボウルズ著・中村正明訳『氷河期の発見ー地球の歴史を解明した詩人・教師・政治家』扶桑社」

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  • 奈良周辺の景観に見る自然の歴史(奈良女子大学文学部なら学プロジェクト編『大学的奈良ガイドーこだわりの歩き方』)

    昭和堂, 2009

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    奈良県立橿原考古学研究所, 2006

  • 春日山原始林とその周辺域における降雨-流出特性に関する研究

    高田将志; 西本由佳

    奈良女子大学共生科学研究センター平成17年度プロジェクト報告書, Mar. 2006

  • 奈良市における土地利用の変遷(1974から1996年)と春日山原始林における林冠構造の変化(1961から2003年)

    平成15〜18年度科学研究費基盤研究(C)研究成果報告書『世界遺産春日山原始林における移入種の分布と植生景観の変遷・保全に関する研究』, 2006

  • 応用地形学セミナー 空中写真判読演習(第5章活断層の5.1節「奈良盆地東縁の活断層地形」)

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  • 砂防用語集

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    TAKADA Masashi

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    高田 将志

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    落葉典雄; 高田将志

    奈良地理学会2017年度冬季例会, Feb. 2018

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    第33回ESR応用計測研究会・2016年度ルミネッセンス年代測定研究会・第41回フィッション・トラック研究会, 2017

  • 変質したサンゴ化石の年代推定に向けて

    2017年日本地理学会春季学術大会, 2017

  • 人類紀のESR/TL/OSL年代測定ーその現状と課題

    日本学術振興会マイクロビームアナリシス第141委員会、第166回研究会, 05 Dec. 2016

  • pIRIR法を用いた与那国島隆起サンゴ礁の年代推定

    平成27年度 ESR応用計測研究会・第40回フィッション・トラック研究会・ルミネッセンス年代測定研究会 合同研究会, 2016

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  • 石英の光誘導ルミネッセンス(OSL)感度の大きな違いはなぜ生まれるか?: イオン照射・熱的アニ−リングの効果とOSL年代に与える影響

    平成27年度 ESR応用計測研究会・第40回フィッション・トラック研究会・ルミネッセンス年代測定研究会 合同研究会, 2016

  • ブータンとシンガポールの地理教科書 ―アジアの中等教育における地理教育の相互比較をめざして―

    2016年日本地理学会春季学術大会, 2016

  • Challenges of OSL-dating of floodplain deposits from the Nara basin in western Japan

    XIX Congress of the International Union for Quaternary Research, 2015

  • 石英の光励起発光特性と放射線欠陥の関連性

    第54回電子スピンサイエンス学会年会(SEST2015), 2015

  • Age estimation of coral fossil by post-IR IRSL measurement of insoluble residue

    4th Asia Pacific Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating Conference, 2015

  • ESR and TL signals of quartz in the present river bed sediments and in possible source rocks

    4th Asia Pacific Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating Conference, 2015

  • Application of ESR in Quaternary geological dating

    TAKADA Masashi

    APES-IES-SEST2014, 12 Nov. 2014

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    日本第四紀学会2014年大会, 06 Sep. 2014

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    日本珪藻学会第35回大会, 2014

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  • 奈良盆地における沖積層発達を規定する要因

    日本地球惑星科学連合2014年大会, 2014

  • OSL and post-IR RISL daing of minerals in altered coral fossils

    14th International Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating, 2014

  • 年輪・年縞の年代と古環境解析


    シンポジウム「木と文化財学」(2013/3/2), 2013

  • 紀伊半島における河川の水質と表層環境との関連性

    山田誠ほか; 高田将志

    2013年日本地理学会春季学術大会, Mar. 2013

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  • Signatures of ESR signals and TL observed in quartz of Kizu river sediments and in host rocks.


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  • 河川の流下に伴う流域環境の変化―紀伊半島四河川の比較―

    山田誠ほか; 高田将志

    2012年日本地理学会春季学術大会, 2012

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    山田誠ほか; 高田将志

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    TAKADA M; Shimada A; Toyoda S

    Second Asia Pacific Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating, 2009

  • Luminescence dating of Quaternary volcanic rocks using olivine


    LED2008 (12th International Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating), Jul. 2008

  • 中国黒河下流域における漢代以降の湖沼変遷と人間活動

    遠藤邦彦; 斉 烏雲; 穆 桂金; 鄭 祥民; 村田泰輔; 堀 和明; 相馬秀廣; 高田将志

    日本第四紀学会, Sep. 2007

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    高田 将志; 相馬 秀廣; 島田 愛子; 渡邊 三津子; 大久保 茂子

    日本地理学会春季学術大会, Mar. 2005

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    渡邊 三津子; 相馬 秀廣; 高田 将志; 渡辺 満久

    日本地理学会, Mar. 2005

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  • 高解像度衛星データによる古灌漑水路・耕地跡の復元とその系譜の類型化

    Apr. 2007, Mar. - 2012

  • 琵琶湖周辺域における土砂供給源の時代変化:気候変化で土砂供給源地は変わるか?

    Apr. 2008

  • 石英を用いた後背地推定手法の確立

    Jan. 2008, Mar. - 2008

  • 中国タリム盆地におけるシルクロード時代の遺跡の立地条件からみた類型化

    Apr. 2003, Mar. - 2007

  • 東海大学チベット・プマユムツオ湖 学術調査

    2001, - 2002

  • 2001 Research Expedition for Lake Puma Yumco on Tibetan Plateau

    2001, - 2002

  • 奈良県立橿原考古学研究所共同研究員

    Jul. 2001

  • カナリア諸島の遺存型照葉樹林の植生パターンと気候・地形要因の比較生態学的研究

    1997, - 1998

  • Comparative ecological study on Subtropical forest in Canary

    1997, - 1998

  • 第38次南極観測隊夏隊・地学

    Nov. 1996, Mar. - 1997

  • ブータンヒマラヤにおける地生態学的調査

    1989, - 1991

  • Geoecological Survey in the Bhutan Himalaya

    1989, - 1991

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